Frequently Asked Questions

What is the temperature like in Negril?
The temperature in Negril is ideal year round. Its proximity to the equator means average temperatures are 75 to 85 degrees fahrenheit. In winter, the average temperature is 75 degrees; in summer, it’s about 80. Year round, temperatures are usually five to ten degrees cooler in the mountains. Typically sunny all year, Jamaica has rainy months in May, June, September and October.

During what months of the year does the Jamaican hurricane season typically fall?
Hurricanes in Jamaica are actually quite rare, with the last one being in 1988. The season runs from July to October.

What type of clothing is appropriate for a vacation at Home Sweet Home?
Home Sweet Home is a casual resort. Shorts, t-shirts, slacks, a light jacket for evenings and swimwear are appropriate and comfortable attire for your stay. You are, after all, right at home.

What is the local currency?
Goods and services are usually purchased in Jamaican dollars, although prices are sometimes posted in US dollars, and then converted.

What language is spoken in Jamaica?
While it is arguable that the popular speech of Jamaicans is a distinct language from English, it was derived largely from English that has been the official language for over 300 years. The dialect called Patois is widely used by many Jamaicans.

Can I drink the water in Jamaica and at Home Sweet Home Resort?
Yes. All drinking water in Jamaica is purified and filtered.

Can I bring my dog or cat with me on my vacation?
Unfortunately, no. Jamaica does not allow pets into the country without a six-month quarantine. The island is rabies-free and pets, even with proper vaccinations, are prohibited.

Does How Sweet Home Resort have babysitting services for my children?
Babysitting services are available at Home Sweet Home Resort and can be arranged at the Front Desk.

What transportation is available in Negril?
Taxis, minibuses, rental cars and sightseeing bus tours are all available and affordable.

Do I need to have a passport to travel to Jamaica?
US Citizens: As of Jan. 8th, 2007 a valid passport is required.
Canadian Citizens: A valid passport (no visa required) or a “Statement of Live Birth” certificate AND a valid government issued photo I.D.
If you have questions about these requirements or are a citizen of another country, please consult your local Jamaican Tourism Board office.

Are ATM machines readily available and what systems do they support?
Many of the major banks in Jamaica, including Scotia Bank and National Commercial Bank, are a part of the Cirrus system, so participating cards will work on their dozens of machines across the country. Bear in mind though that the ATMs dispense Jamaican dollars, so you have to request cash in the Jamaican dollar amount.

Security: The per capita crime rate in Negril is lower than in most North American cities, but there is violent crime. This is particularly concentrated in downtown Kingston (90% of violent crime takes place in four Kingston police districts), but can be encountered anywhere on the island.
Beware of pickpockets in the main tourist areas and be firm but polite with touts. Take a taxi from bus stations to your hotel. Observe the obvious precautions and you should have no problem. The vast majority of Jamaicans welcome tourists and want to be helpful but the actions of the minority can leave you with the impression that tourists are not wanted. You will generally have no problem.