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What are your check-in and check-out times?

Check-in time starts at 3 PM. Check-out time is 11 AM.

Do you have a restaurant and bar?


Do you have a pool?


How do I get to the resort from the airport?

We can arrange for our driver to pick you up and drop you off.

Where is Home Sweet Home Located?

Home Sweet Home Resort is located in the cliffs of Negril, Jamaica. Conviently located 1 mile from townsquare.

Visit this link to view a detailed map of Negril:

Home Sweet Home – How It All Began by Charlie Rossley

“It was 1980. I was 30, living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was winter and a frigid -20 degrees. I had to get out. I had never been on an airplane, so after I saw a ticket to the Bahamas, I booked a flight right away. The next day I saw for a mere $20 more I could fly to Jamaica. It was going to be hotter there, I thought, so I changed my ticket to Jamaica.

After arriving in Montego Bay and catching a ride to Negril, I wandered around the city with my girlfriend. It was getting dark out and we had no lodging reservations. Fortunately, we met Robert Roberts along the way who had a room for rent in Red Ground, so off we went. We woke up the next day to the sound of roosters crowing, and made our way to Negril Beach. Robert and I ended up renting a tent at Roots Bamboo Beach. We later decided to go into business together, and are still friends to this day.

We had a 2-week stay in Negril, and spent time soaking up the sun and hanging out at the beach. At that time I didn’t think at all about buying anything in Jamaica. The last day of the trip, I took a walk up the West End Road. On my walk I saw a real estate sign on a gate, and inquired what was for sale. Diane Enover, the agent, showed me the property up the road. There were a few shack-looking buildings but most of the area looked like a jungle. I decided “Ok, I’ll take it” and wrote down the full price offer on a torn piece of a paper bag. I then left to fly back to the United States. 3 weeks later I received an accepted offer letter.

I suppose I could have ignored this, but call it destiny, serendipity, or fate. I’m still not sure. I flew back down and made my down payment.

40 years later, and more adventures then I ever imagined, I am still here. Go figure.

This is the first installment. More to come.


Charlie is now joined by the smart and good hearted team at Home Sweet Home.  We work our hardest to make Home Sweet Home your tropical home away from home. 


19-room resort located on the stunning cliffs of Negril

Each modern, open-air room has a private balcony that offers a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea

Catch some sun on our 1,500 square feet of cliffside sun decks

Stairway to the Sea for Swimming, Snorkeling and Cliff Diving

All rooms have A/C

Fast WiFi

Restaurant & Bar

Swimming Pool

Wedding and Honeymoons

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